R&D Strength

R&D Strength

Research and Development

I. Scale and personnel of the Institute
Shengtun (Sichuan) New Materials Research Institute is located in Zhigu D Area, West of Wuxing Fourth Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu. The institute covers an area of 1100 square meters, with a total investment of about 12 million yuan, of which analysis, research and development, experimental equipment investment of about 8 million yuan. At present, the institute has a total of 60 full-time employees, all of whom are bachelor's degree or above, including 2 doctoral students, 10 master's students, and 4 leading figures, respectively, nickel and cobalt experts Zhou Xianjin and Lei Junpeng, zinc and germanium experts Jin Xin, and lithium cathode material experts Su Zhenhua. The expert team leads a number of experienced, long-term deep in the production line or research and development center research teams.
Ii. Research Institute equipment level
At present, the institute has domestic advanced complete sets of lithium battery research and development and analysis equipment, high purity materials (germanium, copper) research and development and analysis equipment, cobalt nickel zinc and other non-ferrous metal materials research and development and analysis equipment. The main ones are: reaction kettle, laser particle size analyzer, TG thermal analyzer, electrochemical workstation, X-ray diffraction, ultra-pure water machine, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, spray dryer, ICP-MS-MS; Conventional equipment: laboratory planetary ball mill, electronic balance, drying oven, high-temperature box-type resistance furnace, atmosphere glove box, heating electric furnace, electric force agitator, circulating water type multi-purpose vacuum pump, constant temperature water bath, glass still, experimental vacuum oven, etc. The above equipment of the research Institute belongs to the high-end level in the fields of lithium, zinc, germanium and nickel, copper and cobalt.

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